Rustom Box Office Collections India overseas

Rustom Box Office Collections India and Overseas 

Rustom is Akshay Kumar's latest Bollywood movie. The movie is based on the real incident which happened in 1950. Akshya is playing a role of a Naval Offier. Iliana is acting as Akshay's wife. While the music is composed by Ankit Tiwari Jeet Ganguly Raghav Sachar Arko Pravo Mukherjee. After the announced of the film Rustom fans are very much excited and waiting for the release. Every one is eager to see how much Rustom Box Office Collections will be.

Rustom Movie 

Rustom Box Office Collections
Rustom Box Office Collections

Rustom movie is being directed by Neeraj Pandey. Earlier Akshay worked for two of hit movies like baby and Special 26. After these huge hits the trio is working on their third film Rustom. The hit combo created huge expectations amng the audience. Imagine what will be the box office collectons of Rustom ?.

The movie is about the real incident happend in 1950 of a Naval Officer. K.M Nanavati was a Naval Officer who loved his country and did his service for the country. He fell in love with Sylvia. They had two children. Due to the nature of the Naval job Nanavati had to go to different places and he would not make home for some long time. In the meanwhile Sylvia had a physical relationship with Nanavati's friend Prem Bhagavandas Ahuja. When Nanavati returned, Sylvia told him about her affair and was in doubt whether his friend will marry her not. Nanavati did not get angry on his wife but wanted to know his friend's opinion about the marriage.

Rustom Box Office Collections 

Nanavati dropped his family at the movie theater and he went back and brough a gun with him to his friend's house. When he enquired about the marriage with his wife, his friend replied that how canI marry everyone with whom I slept. This made Nanavati angry and he shot him then and there. After that there was a case against hm for killing him. This is 
the main line on which the movie is being made. 

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